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PUBLIC Pre-Alpha demo
available 7-30-2021

Pre-order on patreon to have access 6-25-2021


Jamaica's first cultural

video game!

Street Boy IS a single-player, open world choice-driven game. you play as a young, adventurous JAMAICAN boy Arlinton, searching for his calling! 

You explore the unique community of Portland, Jamaica, taking on great responsibilities that impact the well-being of the community, your happiness, and the person you become.

Follow Arlinton on his epic journey to find his calling.


Game Features


Pre-ALPHA Version 1.001 (07.9.2021)

  • Online co-op and Single player

  • Free roam, farm, craft, SIDE MISSIONS 

  • DEFEAT & Jerk wild boars, befriend and adopt stray MONGRELS 

  • Find colonial artifacts and turn them in for rewards 

  • Fight climate change by collecting and recycling PLASTIC 

  • Build and customize HAND CARTS 

  • Dynamic weather, DAY & NIGHT, tropical storms