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Jamaica's first cultural 
video game!

​Help Arlinton a young adventurous Jamaican boy save his community and find his calling.

Based in a small community in eastern Portland, Jamaica. The Story follows Arlinton an orphaned boy living with his Grandma. Unable to afford school Arlinton does odd jobs with his hand cart around his community in order to earn enough money to go back to school next semester.


Help Arlinton avoid the clutches of a local gang leader and find his calling! 

Explore, race, farm, build and swim in this third-person, tropical island adventure.


Game Features

Main Features


  • Free roam, complete side missions, or relax on the beach

  • Meet locals and unlock items to help you on your journey

  • Uncover colonial artifacts and the story behind them

  • Research and learn ways to save the environment

  • Play solo or with up to 3 friends online. (Tentative)

  • Craft, build, and customize clothes and handcarts

  • Collect plastic, recycle, and earn big rewards

  • Dynamic weather & day & night cycles

  • Farm, cook, and tend to animals

  • Eat delicious Jamaican Food

  • Jamaican mini-games

Help your community, save the environment, and help Arlinton get back to school this summer in Street Boy.

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