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Take your Jamaican box trucks and push them to their limits


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From the Creators of Street Boy we present Box Juice Mobile!


If you built and played with box trucks as a kid then we know how meaningful this game is to you! 


Box Juice Mobile is a Truck driving stunt game with 6 open world maps based on real locations in Jamaica!


This game was created to help support the development of Street Boy. 


Take Jamaican box trucks and push them to their limits. Drive around popular hot spots, Freedom Park, Fire up your nitro, hit stunts, ramps, smash and collect coins to unlock vehicles.


Feature List:

- 6 sandbox maps to explore.

- 8+ vehicles to unlock and drive, each with unique abilities.

- loot trucks, police chases, and much more!

- Find hidden gold  and power-ups scattered around the world

- Fun realistic driving simulator model


If you want us to create new maps and add new vehicles let us know! If you find a bug or have a crash let us know so we can fix it.


We really appreciate it if you'd report what you like or dislike and any issues you may have with our games to


please include your device make and model.


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Box Juice Mobile

Copyright 2022 Willow Tree Studios Collective.

All rights reserved.


Game Details:

- Available For iOS/Android

- Single Player

- Price $0.99 / Free (Limited with Ads)

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