The Community Manager | Part-time

Location - Remote

Compensation - $50/Monthly 

You will be contributing to Street boy's multi-channel community strategy, helping to gather valuable insights for the development and business teams, while executing community strategies to build up and engage our fans day-to-day.


Key Accountabilities:

Contributes to the global community strategies that grow our core community and align with the greater needs of the game.



  • Work to build a bridge between players and the developers on Street Boy, acting as a point of contact for players

  • Provide regular community updates 



  • Collaborate with developers to explain upcoming features and changes for the game

  • manage our social media pages (Instagram, Twitter, Tiktok & Youtube

  • reply to comments and questions regarding streetboy

  • manage and admin our discord server  

  • destroying trolls

  • reporting on fan feedback, game issues, or other challenges

  • Maintain a professional positive reputation within the community



  • Must be Jamaican or have extensive knowledge of Jamaican history, culture & language. 

  • At least 1 year of experience in social media marketing

  • community experience with writing and managing communication, interpreting and relaying player feedback, running community campaigns, ideally on indie titles.

  • ability to admin discord and manage & hire mods

  • Interest and knowledge in game development/PC & mobile games​​

  • Teamwork and a willingness to work, learn and grow together.

send resume and why you think you'd be a good fit to: