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Developer: Hemiogenic Studios


Founding date: Jan 01, 2012

Release Date: TBA

Platforms: PC, Console (TENTATIVE) Mobile (TENTATIVE)


Price: $29.99




Third Person Action Adventure, Social Impact


Single Player


Street Boy (Arlinton)



Adventure, Cultural Impact


Platforms & Release date:
Mobile - TBA
Console - TBD



Spanish, English, French, German, Japanese, Italian



Press Kit


Hemiogenic Studios






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"Street Boy" offers a fully immersive experience in eastern Portland, Jamaica, where players join Arlinton on a courageous quest to save his community and unearth his destiny.

Arlinton, an orphaned boy living with his grandma, battles financial constraints by taking on odd jobs with his handcart to secure funds for his education.
As players walk alongside him, they witness Arlinton outwitting a local gang leader and discovering his true calling.

Amidst the shadow of corruption cast by a politician, Arlinton's journey transforms into a battle for his community's prosperity, making this adventure a captivating tale of hope, courage, and resilience.



  • Explore, complete side missions, or relax on serene island beaches.

  • Interact with locals to unlock valuable items for your journey.

  • Unearth the history behind colonial artifacts on a quest.

  • Dive into environmental research to protect the island's ecosystem.

  • Craft, build, and personalize Arlinton's attire and handcart.

  • Collect and recycle plastic for rewarding eco-consciousness.

  • Experience the island's changing climate and rhythm of life.

  • Farm, cook, and bond with the community.

  • Savor authentic Jamaican food for cultural richness.

  • Enjoy Jamaican-themed mini-games that capture the island's spirit.


The Creators
Street Boy is developed by Hemiogenic Studios, LLC ran by Jamaican brothers Akeem & Tyreik Pennicooke. The idea for Street Boy came in 2017 after watching a local Jamaican documentary called “Street Boys of Jamaica” This documentary inspired the title and the story.


Referencing Jamaican Culture
"Street Boy" is a heartfelt ode to Jamaican culture, offering players an immersive experience that celebrates the island's unique identity. From the tantalizing flavors of authentic Jamaican cuisine to the warmth of community bonding, the game vividly captures the essence of the Jamaican way of life. Players can engage in traditional Jamaican mini-games that pulsate with the island's spirit, providing an interactive window into its rich cultural heritage. Additionally, the game emphasizes environmental stewardship, encouraging players to actively participate in plastic collection and recycling, reflecting Jamaica's commitment to responsible environmental practices.


Awareness and Raising Message
Beyond its cultural immersion, "Street Boy" delivers a profound message of hope, courage, and resilience. Arlinton's relentless pursuit of education in the face of financial adversity serves as an inspiring example of determination and perseverance. As players join him on his quest to save his community from corruption and adversity, they witness the incredible strength of unity. The game also fosters a sense of environmental responsibility, highlighting the importance of addressing pollution and protecting the island's delicate ecosystem. Ultimately, "Street Boy" is not just a game but an educational and emotionally resonant journey that underscores the significance of education, community empowerment, environmental consciousness, and cultural appreciation within the vibrant tapestry of Jamaican culture.

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